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Affordable Housing

If you can't afford your rent, you can apply for a housing subsidy.

When you receive a housing subsidy, the amount of money you pay for rent is based on your household income. This is also known as rent-geared-to-income.

You may apply for housing subsidy in Peel, even if you don't currently live in Peel.

The wait for housing subsidy in Peel is long, and you may have to wait for several years before you can receive a subsidy.

While you are waiting, you can apply for housing subsidy in other regions outside of Peel without losing your spot. You can also look for affordable housing on your own. We'll still contact you when housing subsidy is available.

Do not re-apply if you've already applied for subsidized housing in Peel or you're already on the wait list.

All applications are reviewed by Peel Access to Housing (PATH).

Step 1: Check your eligibility

To apply, you and everyone on your application (family including children) must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant, or have applied for permanent residency, or refugee protection in Canada with no removal orders.
  • Not have outstanding money you owe to another social housing provider.
  • Agree to sell any home or land that you own (or that you share ownership of) within 6 months of accepting an offer.
  • Not have cash, investments or property worth more than $50,000 (or $75,000 if you are applying with someone).

Step 2: Apply online

To apply, you will need to make sure you have acceptable identification.

You will also need to know the income, assets, and personal information for yourself and every person you are applying for.

This information can also be found on the Housing and Shelter website of the Region of Peel.