Kevin Yarde MPP, Brampton North

Government of Ontario

Auto Insurance

Unaffordable auto insurance is an issue that Bramptonians have been struggling with for far too long. We are tired of paying unfairly high auto insurance rates, for no reason other that simply choosing to live in Brampton. Almost everyone in Brampton drives a car, and we all have to pay auto insurance in order to work, live and raise our kids here in Brampton.

This has become an issue of affordability and unfairness. It is simply becoming unaffordable for some folks to drive in Brampton now. And it is inherently unfair that we, the residents of Brampton, get charged more for our auto insurance just because we live in Brampton. It is unfair that despite having clean records, a good driving history, and ample experience, citizens of Brampton sometimes pay 2-3 times more for their auto insurance when compared to other cities.

Living in Brampton should not be a punishment. This is why I will continue to fight against postal code discrimination and to reduce auto insurance rates in Brampton.